About The Book

Girl Code is the inspiring story of two teenagers, Sophie Houser and Andrea “Andy” Gonzales, who meet at a Girls Who Code summer immersion program, team up to create Tampon Run, a video game that uses humor and satire to combat the menstrual taboo, and end up becoming world famous when their game goes viral. They have been written up in major publications all over the world, given a TEDx and many other talks, won a Webby People’s Voice award for web games, and a Tribeca Disruptive Innovators Award.

Sophie and Andy take readers on their emotional journey from insecure, vulnerable teenagers to empowered tech phenoms, constantly thrust into situations they feel ill equipped to handle but figure out as they go, akin to the process of coding. Through the success of their video game, Andy and Sophie get unprecedented access to the tech world, and now they’re sharing their experiences, written with their signature humor and insight.

Readers experience first-hand through Sophie and Andy’s stories their sense of exhilaration and growing confidence through coding and will feel inspired by them to also discover the creativity and power of coding. Most of all, Girl Code is a celebration of finding your voice, developing the confidence to use it, and learning to code to reach millions. It includes bonus content to help aspiring coders get started.

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